Sexualism, Homophobia, and Prejudice

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This is a forum to discuss the phenomena of sexualism, homophobia, and prejudice, as well as ways to prevent these conditions from developing.

Sexualism is the psychological phenomenon occurring within some individuals that causes them to irrationally believe in the inherent superiority of one sexuality or sexual orientation over another. Sexualism can be addressed in the same way racism, nationalism, and sexism, for example, are able to be corrected, namely, by having people from different groups work together toward common goals.

Homophobia is, specifically, the irrational fear of homosexuality and/or bisexuality in oneself and in others. This irrational fear can be the basis for violence and other hostility.

Apart from these two phenomena is prejudice, or the tendency to attribute specific and someties inaccurate traits to all members of a group of people based on experience with an individual or individuals within that group, or with stereotypical images of that group. In this forum, the focus is on prejudice as it relates to inaccurate concepts regarding people of different sexual orientations. However, the issues discussed by this group have relevance to people of different sexes, nationalities, so-called races, etc. RSS Feed what is XML?

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